Entity Payment Methods

With Nimble AMS, you create payment methods for the ways staff can pay for orders—cash, check and credit card are examples of payment methods. The entity payment methods define the payment methods that are available for a specific entity, along with the bank account that should be associated with that entity payment method.Learn more about Entity Payment Methods.

Entity Payment Methods on the Entity

An administrator can create an entity payment method for each payment method that should be displayed in the Payment Step of the order process. You can name your entity payment methods generically, such as "Check", or more specifically, such as “Checking - Bank of America”, depending on your association's business requirements.

Entity Payment Methods in the Order Process

When entering payments for orders, staff select from the entity payment methodsdefined for the entity of the selected batch. Learn more.

When entity crossovers have been enabled and the selected entity payment method has an entity different from the products on the order, Nimble AMS automatically generates inter-entity transactions. Learn more about Entity Payment Methods.