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Add Individual Page

On the Add Individual page, company managers can search for and affiliate existing individuals to their company or click to add a new individual.

Searching for Individuals

A message displays at the top of the page letting company managers know the company to which they are adding an individual, and they can enter information for the individual to affiliate to their company and search for it.

While searching, the entered information is checked against active accounts records to identify any matching individuals that exist. If a matching account(s) exists, a list of individuals displays in the Search Results card below. If more than 1000 results are returned in the search, the first 1000 display and a message displays at the top of the page suggesting company managers narrow their search results by adding additional criteria. Additionally, if more than 10 potentially matching individuals are found, the first 10 results are displayed, and they can click Next to see the next 10 results, etc. Finally, a message displays if no results are found.

The limit of 1000 records displayed is a Salesforce limit that can not be customized.

Adding Individuals

Company managers can click Add Individual next to an individual in the search results to primarily affiliate the individual to their company and are taken to the Company Roster page where a message displays letting them know the affiliation was added.

Individuals Who Do not Have a Valid Email Domain

If the company has an authorized email domain(s) set, Add Individual does not display next to individuals with non-matching email addresses and company mangers cannot affiliate them to the company.

Creating a New Individual

If no matching individuals are found, or if company managers don't want to search, they can click Add Individual to go to the Create New Individual page to create and affiliate a new individual to the company.

Page Information

Display NameAdd Individual
Heading LabelAddIndividual
Description LabelSearchForIndividual

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