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Add Merchandise to a Category

Staff can link merchandise to one or more categories to make it easier to find in the Community Hub store and Staff View order process.

  1. In the tab bar, click 
    App Launcher
    , or in Salesforce Classic, click 
    Nimble AMS, Staff View, Button, All Tabs
  2. Click Categories.
  3. Click the Category to which you would like to add the merchandise product.
  4. In the Category Links related list, click New Category Product Link.
  5. Category is automatically populated.
  6. In Product, enter the name of the product you would like to add to the category, click 
    Nimble AMS, Staff View, Button, Lookup
     and select the product.
  7. Optionally, select Is Featured if you'd like the merchandise to be shown in the Featured filter in the Community Hub store.
  8. In Display Order, enter a number to signify where within the category this merchandise should be shown. The lower the number, the higher the name is shown on the page. If multiple merchandise products have the same Display Order, they are displayed in alphanumeric order.

    The number should be 0 - 999.

    Consider spacing out your numbers to accommodate future additions to the category.


    Book 1: 1, Book 2: 2, Book 3: 3, Book 4: 4


    Book 1: 5, Book 2: 10, Book 3: 15, Book 4: 20

  9. Click Save.

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