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Add Miscellaneous Page

New Order

When ordering custom items for a constituent, the Add Miscellaneous page is the part of the order process where you select the miscellaneous items to include in a miscellaneous cart item.

Miscellaneous is a type of product in Nimble AMS, and is created to represent a one-off item your association sells.

When you are done using this page, the selected product(s) is added to a miscellaneous cart item, which is added to the cart.

Getting Started

Choosing a Customer

You can use Customer to select the constituent who is the customer purchasing the miscellaneous item. This determines who is listed on the miscellaneous cart item. By default, the Bill To account for the cart is selected as the customer but you can change this by entering full or partial name of the individual or company and clicking 

Nimble AMS, Staff View, Button, Lookup. If more than one account is found that matches the name entered, a message displays to let you know and you can choose which account to use as the customer.

Choosing an Entity

If your association has multiple entities, you can use Entity to select the entity offering the miscellaneous product(s) you would like to select. By default, the configured primary entity is selected.

Choosing a Price Class

You can use Price Class to select the price class to use for the customer which controls the prices for the displayed merchandise products(s). If the customer is a current member, the selection defaults to Member. If the customer is not a member, the selection defaults to Default.

Selecting Products

Miscellaneous products for the entity display and you can hover over each product name to see some record detail or click to browse to the record for more information.

You can also select the merchandise product(s) for the customer and change the Unit Price and Quantity.

Adding Selections

Once your selections are complete, you can click Save to add the cart item to the cart or Cancel to discard your selections. You will then be taken to the Verify Cart step.

If you forget to click Save and browse to another page, your selections will be lost.

Editing an Order

After submitting a cart, you may want to edit a cart item with a Donation products if you need to correct a mistake, add or remove a donation, change a gift amount, or refund the gift.

When you are done using this page, the selected products(s) is added to a donation cart item, which is added to the cart, with the chosen term and price with deselected Donation products(s) removed.

Reviewing and Adjusting Information

To help set context for changes to the cart item, you can review the selected customer and entity. These selections cannot be changed, but highlight to whom selections are designated and the entity offering the selected Donation products(s).

If you would like to change the customer or entity for a donation in the cart item, we recommend you delete the current cart item on the Verify Cart Step of the order process, and add a new cart item with your desired settings and products selections.

Also, you can select the price class which controls the prices for the displayed registration products.

Adjusting Selections

When you are editing, the Donations section displays the previously selected registration products(s), prices, and quantity.

You can select a registration products(s) with a click, which are then display in green. When a registration products selection is removed, it displays in red. In addition to changing selections, you can change a selected appeals as well as adjust the Unit Price and Quantity. The price is of each is updated with each adjustment so you can see the impact of each change.

If you change the Unit Price or Quantity of a registration products(s) that was selected previously, it will not display in green.

Adding Selection Adjustments

Once your adjustments are complete, you can click Save to add the cart item to the cart or Cancel to discard your changes. You will then be taken to the Verify Cart step.

If you forget to click Save and browse to another page, your adjustments will be lost.

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