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Add the Featured Product Category in the Staff View Order Process

As an example, administrators can create a query and product category record that–together–display featured products in the Staff View order process.

  1. Create a query record.
    1. In the tab bar, click 
      App Launcher, or in Salesforce Classic, click 
      Nimble AMS, Staff View, Button, All Tabs.
    2. Click SOQL Queries.
    3. Click New.
    4. In Label, enter Featured.
    5. Click Sharing Mode and select System.
    6. In SELECT, enter:

      Id, Name, ListPrice__c, TrackInventory__c, InventoryOnHand__c, Status__c, (SELECT PriceClasses__c, DefaultPrice__c, EarlyPrice__c, LatePrice__c, Name FROM SpecialPrices__r)
    7. In SObject, enter Product__c.
    8. In WHERE, enter:

      RecordType.Name = 'Merchandise' AND Id IN (SELECT Product__c FROM CategoryProductLink__c WHERE IsFeatured__c = true) AND Entity__c = :entityId
    9. Click Save.

  2. Create a product category record.
    1. From Setup, enter Custom Metadata Types in the Quick Find box, then select Custom Metadata Types.
    2. Click Manage Records next to the Product Category custom metadata type.
    3. Click New.

    4. In Label, enter Featured.
    5. In Display Name, enter Featured.
    6. In Query, enter Featured.

    7. Optionally, in Display Order, enter a number to signify where within the list of categories this product category should be shown in the Staff View order process. The lower the number, the higher the name is shown on the page.

      The number should be 0 - 999.

      Consider spacing out your numbers to accommodate future additions to the category.


      Category 1: 1, Category 2: 2, Category 3: 3, Category 4: 4


      Category 1: 10, Category 2: 20, Category 3: 100, Category 4: 500

    8. Click Save.

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