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Add To Roster Page

Add To Roster allows users to enter the information for an individual they wish to add to their company roster. When information is added, and the page submitted, a new individual Account and User Record are created and the Individual Account is affiliated with the company.

This page is part of the classic affiliation experience seen on orgs where Nimble AMS was installed prior to the Nimble AMS Spring '17 release.

Adding an Account That Already Exists

If users try to add someone to their company who already has an Account, the Account will not be created and they see a message letting them know of the duplication.

Adding an Account That Does not Have a Valid Email Domain

If users try to add someone to their company with an email that is not authorized, they see a message letting them know of that they cannot add the person because their email is not authorized and shows the authorized email domain(s).

Customizing Add to Roster

Administrators can customize who can see and use this page with some point and click and some development effort. See the Related Link for more information.

The field set used when adding someone to the company roster must contain and require at least the Last Name and Email fields.

Page Information

Add To Roster
Heading LabelUpdateRoster
Description LabelAddIndividualToRoster

Cards on the Page


Messages on the Page

CauseLabel Name
ErrorUsers try to add an account that matches another.AccountExistsContactOffice
ErrorUsers try to add an account that does not have a valid email domain.CanNotAffiliateToCompany
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