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Nimble AMS provides a way for your constituents and staff to create and manage the relationships between individuals and companies using affiliations.
You can manage your affiliations in the following ways:
  • Create and manage affiliations with a parent/child model to describe relationships.
  • Manage affiliations with an interactive roster.
  • Designate a primary, and secondary affiliations for an individual or company.
  • Create common affiliation types like: employer/employee, location/company, chapter/member, or create your own.
  • Use information flow down to automatically flow information from parent to children accounts.
  • Designate individuals as a primary contact or mangers for each company.

In this section, you will find information and steps for affiliation configuration, affiliation management, and affiliation processing.

Affiliation Configuration

Administrators can customize the way the affiliation roster is displayed to staff, the way information flows between affiliated accounts, and the affiliation experience in Community Hub.

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Affiliation Management

To help track your constituent affiliations, staff can view all affiliations or view a single affiliation for more information. Staff can also view an entire affiliation hierarchy with an interactive roster.

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Affiliations in Community Hub

In Community Hub individuals can view, create, edit, or remove their own personal affiliations. Additionally, company managers can also view, create, edit, or remove affiliations to individuals and company locations on behalf of their company using a roster.

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