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Affiliations in Community Hub

In Community Hub individuals can view, create, edit, or remove their own personal affiliations. Additionally, company managers can also view, create, edit, or remove affiliations to individuals and company locations on behalf of their company using a roster.

Customize Affiliations in Community Hub

Administrators can customize Community Hub pages and duplicate checking settings to tailor the affiliation experience for your constituents.

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Enable New Affiliations Experience in Community Hub

In orgs where Nimble AMS was installed prior to the Winter '17 release, administrators can enable an enhanced affiliation experience for your constituents in Community Hub.

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Managing Your Own Affiliations

Individuals can quickly view their affiliations on the Personal Snapshot page, or use the My Affiliations page to see more affiliation details and manage each. Individuals can remove a company affiliation, change their primary affiliation, or add a new one so they can connect themselves with companies and to receive membership benefits and address information from their primarily affiliated company.

When adding a new affiliation on the Add Affiliation page, individuals can search for and affiliate themselves with their company or add a new one on the Create New Company page. When an individual adds a new company, they are made the manager of that company. More on this later.

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While managing an Individual's affiliations, if an affiliation is added in the Community Hub, it by default becomes User Account's primary affiliation.

Managing Your Company's Affiliations

Company mangers can do everything individuals can, through out-of-the-box functionality or through the use of customization, and a whole lot more. Company mangers can not only manage their own affiliations, but also the affiliations of their company. They can maintain and manage their company demographics as well as the individuals and company locations under their company using the Company Roster page.

When adding affiliations to their company, company managers can search for existing individuals and companies or add new ones.

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 While managing Company's affiliations, if an affiliation is added for any Account with an already existing primary affiliation, it doesn't become primary affiliation by default. 

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