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AR Agings

With Nimble AMS, you can manage and reconcile your accounts receivable (AR) using AR aging categories. AR Agings are first defined on each entity by an Administrator. Then, on each order with a balance, the Invoice AR Aging is automatically populated and maintained by Nimble AMS.

AR Agings for an Entity

The AR Agings are defined from within the entity by  Administrators who set:

  • The name of the aging category

  • The aging cut-off date, which is the last date of the aging period

  • A message that can display on AR statements

By defining the AR Aging at the entity level, your association can have different AR Agings for each entity, as needed. There is no limit on the number of AR agings that can be defined for an entity. 

AR Agings on Orders

When a new order is created in staff view, staff can either enter a payment or have the balance assigned to AR. In Community Hub, a constituent may submit an order with a balance if the Bill Me option is enabled and the constituent is trusted. Orders with an AR balance can be invoiced and payments can be entered at a future time. 

Invoice AR Aging is automatically populated and maintained on every order with an AR balance through a nightly scheduled job. 

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