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BluePay Payment Gateway for Nimble AMS Customers

BluePay, CardConnect company, enables you to process transactions efficiently and securely. It also provides customers with various benefits if chosen as the payment partner. OurBluePay integration provides customers a choice in payment partners, instead of being locked into one, and can help alleviate customer pain points.  

Why Should a Nimble AMS Customer Choose BluePay?

Following are the key differentiators customers will benefit by choosing BluePay payment gateway as your payment partner:  

  • Award-winning Service and Support 

  • Account Updater will save Time and Money 

  • Unrivaled Security Tools

  • Increased Fraud Prevention 

  • BluePay Integration improves Monthly Processes

Award-winning Service and Support 

Customers can be frustrated with poor support from payment partners. It's hard to get someone on the phone, and response times on requests are lengthy.

CardConnect offers award winning support services for BluePay, and our customers can talk to real people.

Account Updater will Save Time and Money 

The Nimble AMS integration with BluePay’s Account Updater removes the worry from our customers by keeping credit card information up to date without burdening staff with time intensive manual processes. This capability is beneficial for customers to make the member experience simple and easy when taking advantage of Nimble AMS features such as Stored Payments or Recurring Payments.

"Approximately 30% of all cards are updated each year.  So the question is this, if you have 1,000 customers, do you really have the bandwidth to call 300 of them and ask for updated information after the transaction was declined?”  

Unrivaled Security Tools 

  • Fully PCI-Compliant  

  • Expert compliance guidance from ControlScan   

  • Reduction of liability through tokenization  

  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of security features

  • Supports Hosted Payment Forms  

  • Support for Level 2 and Level 3 Transactions

    Level 2/Level 3 transactions support is only offered with our integration with BluePay. Learn more about Level 2 Processing (external) and Level 3 Processing (external) with BluePay.

By increasing the amount of transaction data Nimble AMS sends to BluePay, we can: 

  • Lower your card processing fees 

  • Reduce costs and reduce risk with PCI-compliant processing solutions 

  • Provide accurate reporting, monitoring and control through more detailed business transactions

 Increased Fraud Prevention

Customers may experience problems reconciling flagged payment resulting in increased staff time to resolve issues, customer frustration and possible write offs. BluePay has comprehensive fraud tools, and our integration with BluePay is stronger in handling payments that get flagged.

With BluePay, customers have the below options at their fingertips now. No need to open up a support case for access. No phone calls. No waiting. 

  • Configure rules to hold transactions for review

  • Address verification options 

  • CVV filters available

  • Card Issuing Country limitations available

  • Create Filters to decline transactions deemed risky  

    • Transaction frequency (e.g. 1 per 60 minutes)

    • Maximum transaction amount

    • Specific IP

β€œIn 2013, merchants lost, on average, 0.68% of revenue β€” a 33% greater proportion than the previous year. In addition to their fraud losses, merchants also incurred more costs, with each dollar of fraud costing them $3.08, compared to $2.79 last year." 

BluePay Integration improves Monthly Processes 

CardConnect's BluePay Portal is intuitive, easy to use, and helps customers reconcile and view info easier.  

  • Fully featured portal to improve transaction reporting 

    • Ability to research a transaction for the life of your relationship with CardConnect

    • Other payment partners limit how far customers can go back
  • Monitor transactions from order through funding

  • Pre-configured reports to streamline reconciliation

    • Transaction Summary by Date 

    • Batch Transaction Summary  

    • Bank Deposit History  

    • Detailed Transaction List

  • Strong API to seamlessly share of information.

Features Offered with BluePay

The below table provides the list of features offered by our integration with BluePay payment gateway: 




Account Updater 


Dynamic Reporting (Portal) 


Hosted Payment Forms

Mobile Card Swipe 

EMV Credit Card Processing 

Point of Sale Device Support 

L2/L3 Processing 




Stored Payment Types 


Delay Capture 


PCI Compliance Guidance 




Fraud Management 


AVS Filter 


CVV Filter 


IP Tracking 


Country Filter 


Point to Point Encryption 


Recurring Payments 


If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to your customer success representative, or contact Nimble AMS Support team for assistance.

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