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Campaign Code Tracking in Experience Cloud Community Hub

Get insights to determine your marketing campaign's effectiveness and performance through the campaign code tracking capability. The feature allows your staff to copy the URLs with campaign code embedded in them, making it simple to include the URLs in the marketing campaign emails; whether it is for a launch of a new product within the online store, a fundraising campaign, a membership drive, or promotion for an Event. No matter the system that you use to run your marketing campaign efforts, you can now calculate and get details of the orders generated as a result of your marketing emails.

When the members receive the promotional email, they click on the link and complete the purchase. The campaign code is automatically linked to the completed order thus making tracking easy for the staff.

The association staff also have access to a detailed report that compiles all orders generated from a specific marketing campaign, providing valuable insights into its effectiveness and success.

Streamline your marketing efforts and optimize your campaigns with our advanced tracking feature with valuable reporting.



Figure 1 - Campaign Code tracking


  1. Measure Campaign Success: Associations can now measure the return on the investment made for the marketing efforts and identify which campaigns are generating the most orders and revenue.

  2. Improved Targeting: With data on which campaigns are most successful, associations can better target their marketing efforts towards their members and supporters, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

  3. Data-Driven Decision Making: Having access to a detailed report allows associations to make informed decisions on future marketing strategies, optimizing their resources and improving the overall effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

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Track Campaign Code for purchases made by a Member


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