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Cancel Membership Mid-Term

Associations sometimes need to cancel a membership part-way through a member’s term and issue a refund without backing out recognized revenue for the previously recognized months of the membership term.

Nimble AMS supports full membership cancellation and refunding the money back through a new, a simple interface your staff can easily follow. This does reverse the financial entries made around deferred revenue and recognized revenue. Additionally, with Cancel Membership Mid-Term feature we are now providing an ability for staff to easily process a membership mid term cancellation and reconcile the term and money.

If the administrator has configured the Account or Membership pages with Manage Membership LWC, and the user has an active or future membership, the staff user can click Cancel Membership on the LWC to cancel the membership in between the term. Depending on cancellation date, if a refund is applicable, the staff user can opt for it for the member. The refund will be done on pro rata basis depending on the unused duration of the membership. As an example, if a membership having a duration of 12 months costs $120 and is canceled after 2 months, $20 will be charged and $100 refunded to the member. Membership cancellation will also impact installments, recurring and deferred schedules if they are linked to the order.


  • You must be using Nimble AMS Lightning experience. Learn more.

  • To use Cancel Membership Mid-Term feature an active or future membership must be present on the account.

Benefits of Cancel Membership Mid-Term Feature

  • Improved Efficiency: Staff can easily process a membership mid term cancellation without adding a second order and manually reconciling money.

  • Saves Time: Reduce Staff time when doing the partial membership cancellation.

  • Simplicity: Cancelling a membership mid way is simple and straightforward.

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