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Enable Lightning Experience in Nimble AMS

You can enable and customize Lightning Experience for your org so you can use Nimble AMS in a beautiful new interface.

What is Lightning Experience?

Lightning Experience is the name for the all new Salesforce desktop app, with over 25 new features, built with a modern user interface and optimized for speed. There is a lot to learn, and we recommend you start with these resources:

What Has Changed in Nimble AMS?

Enabling Lightning Experience brings a whole new Salesforce and Nimble AMS experience to your staff. We recommend you touch on each change in your Lightning Experience rollout plan.

Home Page

A new Lightning Home page has been created for Nimble AMS containing the components and features our users use most.

Lightning Apps

New Lightning apps have been added to replace classic apps. Lightning apps are completely distinct from classic apps, are made up of Lightning page tabs, and provide a richer experience with recognizable icons and colors. Learn more about Lightning Apps (external).

Record Pages

New Lightning record pages have been added to expand on classic record page layouts. A type of Lightning page, record pages provide a richer experience by combining a page layout of fields and the Lightning components in a unique arrangement for each object in Nimble AMS, tailored to the general needs of our users. Learn more about Lightning Pages (external).

Compact Layouts

New compact layouts have been added to replace mini page layouts. Compact layouts display in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce1, and replace mini page layouts, which only display in Salesforce classic. Compact layouts display in Lightning Experience both as an expanded lookup when staff hover over a record, similar to how mini page layouts display in Salesforce classic, and also as the record page header within the record highlights panel. Learn more about Compact Layouts (external).

Exporting Batches

Previously, when staff exported batches in Nimble AMS the export file was added to the Documents tab. To improve this task in Lightning Experience, when staff Export a Batch, it is added to Files related list on any of the exported batches.

Prepare Your Org

As you begin the process of enabling Lightning Experience, there are a few things you will want to do:

Learn More

Salesforce Lightning Experience is huge improvement, and affects all areas of your org. We recommend you work through Salesforce's learning materials to understand more about Lightning Experience and how to introduce it to your association.

For Administrators, take a look through these resources:

For Developers, take a look at Develop for Lightning Experience (external).

Assess Your Needs

Depending on the size of your association, staff skill set, and level of customization, be sure to assess whether to enable Lightning Experience on your own, or to work with Nimble AMS Support. Every association is different, as is every Salesforce org, so consider what needs to be done and how you plan to do it. Contact Nimble AMD Support with any questions on your Nimble AMS implementation, or to get started.

Create and Customize Lightning Experience Elements

To tailer Lightning Experience to the needs of your staff, consider:

  • Cloning the Lightning Home page included in Nimble AMS you want to customize it to contain the components and features your staff use most.
  • Customizing the details and branding for the Nimble AMS Lightning app
  • Creating a Lightning app(s) including your custom objects and customizations
  • Creating a Lightning record page and compact layout for each of your custom objects and cloning any Lightning record page and compact layout included in Nimble AMS you want to customize
  • Enabling custom Visualforce pages and buttons for Lightning Experience so they can be used in record pages
  • Cloning and customizing the compact layouts included in Nimble AMS with relevant custom fields

Evaluate Your AppExchange Apps and Customizations

In your org, you are using AppExchange apps like Nimble AMS, as well as customizations set up using page layouts, custom objects, flows, etc. As you get ready to switch to Lightning Experience, you will want to evaluate each AppExchange app and customization to ensure they will make the move successfully.

To evaluate each, in a sandbox org, use the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant (external) to see if you find any issues. Additionally, we recommend you test your AppExchange apps and customizations in Lightning Experience to ensure they work properly for you:

AppExchange Apps

To evaluate the AppExchange apps you use each day, we recommend you review the documentation for each or reach out to the developer to see if the AppExchange app is "Lightning Ready". Additionally, we recommend you run through some tests of your business processes which leverage each AppExchange app.


We encourage you to run through tests of your business processes which leverage each of your customizations to ensure they work properly in Lightning Experience. If you worked with the Nimble AMS team on customizations in your org; we can help you out. Please contact Nimble AMS Support for documentation on tests you can run through for your customizations.

Make a Rollout Strategy

We suggest you make a training plan for staff to educate them on what Lightning Experience is, and what changes they can expect. Learn more about creating Your Lightning Experience Rollout Strategy (external). As part of your plan, we recommend staff read about Getting Started and run through the Navigating Lightning Experience and Setup (external) Trailhead.

Consider Enabling Recommended Features for Lightning Experience

Along with the great visual improvements included in Lightning Experience, there are also many new features that will help your staff day-to-day. We recommend you:

Set Up Users for Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience Access

We recommend you do a staged rollout and use permission sets to allow a few of your staff to try Lightning Experience and then update your existing profiles to grant all staff access when you are ready. Learn how to Set Up Users for Lightning Experience  (external).

Lightning App Access

In addition, you can customize which Lightning apps are available to the user profiles using Lightning Experience:

  1. From Setup, enter Apps in the Quick Find box, then select App Manager.
  2. Click Show More next to the Lightning app you want to edit and click Edit.
  3. Under Assign to User Profiles, add or remove user profiles who should have access to the Lightning app.
  4. Click Save.

Update Your Org

To electrify Nimble AMS in Lightning Experience, there are a few changes you'll need to make to user permissions, your page layouts, and batch export configuration.

Allow User Profiles to Log Into Community Hub as Constituents

  1. From Setup, enter Communities in the Quick Find box, then select All Communities.
  2. Click Workspaces next to the Community Hub you want to update.
  3. Click Administration and click Members.
  4. Within the Select Profiles section, in Available Profiles, select Nimble AMS Standard and any other profiles that should be able to log into Community Hub on behalf of constituents and click the Wrench icon.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Repeat these steps for each of your Community Hub.

Replace Buttons

Replace the View and Print Roster Buttons on the Account Affiliations Related List

  1. From Setup, click Customize | Accounts | Page Layouts.
  2. Click Edit next to Account Layout.
  3. On the Parent Affiliations related list, click the Wrench icon.
  4. Click Buttons to expand the list.
  5. Remove the existing View Roster button, and add the new View Roster button.
  6. Remove the existing Print Roster button, and add the new Print Roster button.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Repeat for any custom Account page layouts.

Replace the View and Print Roster Buttons on the Person Account Affiliations Related List

  1. From Setup, click Customize | Accounts | Person Accounts | Page Layouts.
  2. Click Edit next to Person Account Layout.
  3. On the Parent Affiliations related list, click the Wrench icon.
  4. Click Buttons to expand the list.
  5. Remove the existing View Roster button, and add the new View Roster button.
  6. Remove the existing Print Roster button, and add the new Print Roster button.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Repeat for any custom Person Account page layouts.

Add the Post Button on the Batch List View

  1. From Setup, click Create | Objects.
  2. In the Custom Objects list, click Batch.
  3. In the Search Layouts section, click Edit next to List View.
  4. Remove the existing Post button, and add the new Post button.
  5. Click Save.

Add the View Roster Detail Button on the Committee Membership List View

  1. From Setup, click Create | Objects.
  2. In the Custom Objects list, click Committee Membership.
  3. In the Search Layouts section, click Edit next to List View.
  4. Remove the existing View Roster Detail button, and add the new View Roster Detail button.
  5. Click Save.

Add the Event Badge Labels Button on the Event Badge List View

  1. From Setup, click Create | Objects.
  2. In the Custom Objects list, click Event Badge.
  3. In the Search Layouts section, click Edit next to List View.
  4. Remove the existing Event Badge Labels button, and add the new Event Badge Labels button.
  5. Click Save.

Update your Batch Export Configuration

  1. In the tab bar, click the App Launcher, or in Salesforce Classic, click +.
  2. Click Batch Export Configurations.
  3. Select a list view—like All Batch Export Configurations—and click Go
  4. Click Edit next to the Batch Export Configuration you want to modify.
  5. In Batch Export Configurations, enter GreatPlainsFileBatchExporter.

    If this field contains a value other than StandardGreatPlainsBatchExporter, you are using a custom export generator Apex class, which must be reworked to support Salesforce Files. This is done through development effort.

  6. Click Save.

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