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CardPointe Payment Gateway for Nimble AMS Customers

CardPointe, a product of CardConnect, is the new payment gateway integration offered by Nimble AMS. It is a complete merchant account processing system that makes accepting and managing payments simple.

CardPointe is now the recommended payment gateway platform. This new payment gateway option provides a collection of out-of-the-box features that drive efficiency based on how you run your organization including multi-layered security that ensures all data remains safe and PCI compliant, while aligning ourselves with CardConnect's go-forward strategy.

Nimble AMS is integrated with the CardPointe Payment Gateway which accepts and manages payments in a simple, secure platform. Integration with CardPointe provides our customers with another payment gateway choice, beyond the limited two we offer today ( and BluePay).

The CardPointe payment gateway will be able to support all of the existing Nimble AMS functionality that is supported within Bluepay, such as

  • Credit card processing

  • Refund processing

  • Stored payments

    • Credit Card

    • eCheck/ACH

  • Automatic credit card updating

  • Level 2 and 3 credit card processing

Figure 1. Screenshot that shows the CardPointe integration with NimbleAMS


  • Provide our customers with another payment gateway choice, beyond the two we offer today

  • CardPointe payment gateway is quite simple to use and has an easy process to track online purchases.

  • It is fully PCI-Compliant so most business users will find it beneficial.

How to get started

This feature is in Pilot. For more information on enabling the feature, please reach out to our Customer Success Team through a support case.

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