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Categories in Community Hub

Categories are shown in the Community Hub store on both the Store page and the Product page. Additionally, categories are also shown on any pages using the Storedynamicpage Page Template.

Categories provide a way to group similar Merchandise products for easier shopping in Community Hub. Users can see all Merchandise products, or click one of the categories to see only the Merchandise products in that category. Users can also click the Store Home button at any time to go back to the Store page.

In order to be shown, Categories must have Self Service Enabled selected, and are shown to users based on the Display Order for the Category. Within a category, Merchandise products are shown based on the Display Order with featured products in the category showing first followed by all other products in the category.

Categories and filters can both be applied at the same to help users find products. A message is displayed if no matching products are found.

You can also highlight featured products by adding filters to the Store page.

Filters can be added to the Store page to make it easier for users to find products and to highlight featured products.

By default, the Store page shows all Merchandise products and can be configured to include a filter to show just products that are featured in Community Hub.

If your org has a large number of merchandise products, we recommend adding just a few fields containing a small amount of data to the field set used on the card, as too much field data, like a long product description, can exceed Salesforce limits. Additionally, we recommend setting the "Featured" filter as the default.

You can configure Community Hub to show featured Merchandise products on the page by default, rather than the list of all Merchandise products.

Finally, you can add additional custom filters to the page to help users shop easily in your Community hub store. You can even configure a custom filter to be shown on the page by default.

When making a custom query for a Community Hub store filter:

    • The SELECT statement must include NameShort Description, and Web Product Image URL. Example: Name, nu__ShortDescription__cnu__WebProductImageURL__c.
    • The WHERE clause must look for merchandise products with Self Service Enabled is set to True. Example: RecordType = Merchandise AND SelfServiceEnabled__c = True.

Categories and filters can both be applied at the same time to help users find products. A message is displayed if no matching products are found.

At any time while shopping, users can click the Store Home button to be taken to the Store page with any selected categories or filters cleared. How the Store page appears to users is based on your chosen filter configuration. By default, all Merchandise product are shown. You can also configure the Store page to show featured Merchandise products, or to show Merchandise products based on a custom filter.

Deactivating category hierarchy

To deactivate category hierarchy generation, follow the steps below:

  1. From Setup, enter Custom Metadata Types in the Quick Find box, then select Custom Metadata Types.

  2. Click Manage Records next to NC Tag.

  3. Click New to create a new record with the following information and leave the other fields blank:

    • Label: DeactivateStoreCategoryHierarchy

    • Tag Name: DeactivateStoreCategoryHierarchy

    • Select: Is Active

  4. Click Save.

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