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Change the Template Used by a Page

Administrators can change the template used for a basic page.

  1. In the App Menu, select Community Hub Setup.
  2. In the tab bar, click Pages.
  3. In Page to configure:, select the page you want to customize.
    If Heading Label or Description Label are populated, this is a basic page.

    Updating a Basic Page...
    1. In Template, enter the name of the page template to be used for the page. When using a page template included in a package, enter the package prefix—/nc__ for a template in the Community Hub package or /prog__ for a template in the Programs package—followed by the name of the page template to be used for the page. If no page template is entered, the Accountdynamicpage template is used.

      Additionally, a custom page template can be created with development effort.

    2. Click Save.

    If Heading Label or Description Label are not populated, this is an advanced page, which must be changed through development effort.

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