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Choose Registration Type Page

The Choose Registration Type page displays when registering, and allows constituents to select what type of registration they are submitting.


When constituents select the registration type they want to use, sessions and questions set for that registration type display in the rest of the registration process. Constituents are also charged cancellation fees set for their registration type in addition to those fees applied to all constituents when canceling a registration.

The order in which registration types display is set when enabling registration types in Staff View.

This Page is Seen When...

The Event is setup with at least one Session or Question that is limited to a Registration Type


When the Event is set up with a passcode for a registration type, selecting that registration type will require that constituents enter a passcode–supplied by the association–to continue in the registration process.

Passcodes are case insensitive.

If at any point in the registration process constituents want to switch their registration type, they can browse back to choose registration type, and select a different registration type and then proceed.

If constituents select a registration type and enter a required passcode, choose to switch to another registration type and then return to their initial registration type selection they will have to enter the passcode again.


The Registration Type cannot be changed while editing a registration, thus, the Choose Registration Type page doesn't display when editing.

Page Information

Choose Registration Type


Heading LabelChooseRegistrationType
Description LabelChooseYourRegistrationType

Messages on the Page

CauseLabel Name
ErrorThe user tries to continue with an incorrect passcode.PasscodeEnteredIsIncorrect
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