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Choose Sessions Page

The Choose Sessions page lists all guest options and sessions for an event.

This Page is Seen When...

The Event is setup with more than one session


The Event is setup with one session that is not required


The Event is setup with guest options


By default, all guest options and sessions are shown on one card on the page. If the event is set up with Session Groups, each group of guest options and sessions is shown on a separate card in the set order. Those guest options and sessions not in a group are shown on a card at the top of the page.

If a group is set up to require users to select at least one session, the description on the card lets them know that they need to make a selection. If users try to proceed without choosing a session from a group requiring a selection, they are shown a message asking them to make a selection. If all the sessions in the group are full, users can continue without making a selection.

Bringing Guests

If the event is set up with guest options, users can select the option and enter how many guests they would like to bring.

Choosing Sessions

Users see the names and prices for all event sessions, and can choose any sessions they want to attend. For sessions with limited space, users can only choose the session if there is space available. Also, if the session has one, users can click to see the session description.

When users choose a session, all other sessions conflicting with that session are unavailable for selection and users sees a message identifying the conflict. In order to choose a conflicting session users must deselect the session with which it conflicts.

For those sessions allowing guests, users can select the number of guests they want to bring by updating the Quantity. 

When setting Quantity on a session, Community Hub does not currently enforce this value as the maximum number users can choose. Instead, if staff set Quantity to 1, users can choose to register for the session. If staff set Quantity to 2 or more, users can choose to register for the session and bring as many guests to the session as they want. Additionally, if Inventory On Hand on a session is 1 or more, users can choose to register for the session and bring as many guests to the session as they want, regardless of the remaining seats.

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Choose Sessions

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