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Company Snapshot Page

On the Company Snapshot page, company managers get a high level view or "snapshot" of the company demographic information you choose, like company name, contact information, and logo.

Company Management

Company mangers can browse from the Company Snapshot page to several other pages where they can manage different aspects of their company affiliations.

  • To manage their company roster, company mangers can click Manage Roster which takes them to the Company Roster page.
  • To update their company information, company mangers can click Edit Company which takes them to the Edit Company page.
  • If the company is not their primary affiliation, company managers can click Set As Primary to make it primary. When this happens, Primary Affiliation is deselected on the previously primary affiliation so they can only have one primary affiliation. If the company is their primary affiliation, this button is not shown.
  • To no longer be affiliated with the company, company mangers can click Remove, which takes them to the Remove From Company page.

Company Logo and Information

On the first card on the page company mangers can view the company logo as well as primary information about the company which helps identify it easily. Along with viewing the company logo, company mangers can also add or update the logo to provide brand identity throughout Community Hub.

Company logos must be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format. They must be 2 MB or less in size and we recommend a width of 200 pixels and height from 200–300 pixels.

The Company Information card contains additional demographic information about the company.

Page Information

LabelCompany Snapshot
Description LabelSnapshotOfYourCompanyInformation
Dynamic Page URL/nc_InteriorDynamicPage
Heading LabelCompanySnapshot

Cards on the Page

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