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Component Design Guidelines

Component guidelines provide recommended standards for naming and configuring metadata in staff view and Community Hub. Components include, but are not limited to, apps, fields, list views, page layouts, search layouts, as well as Community Hub components such as cards and pages.

General Naming Guidelines

Many components require a label and/or name. Community Hub uses the title case and Pascal case styles to name components.

Use title case for names and labels if the space character is allowed. Otherwise, use Pascal case.

When creating and editing components, some name fields are automatically populated with values that do not conform to these naming standards and therefore need to be manually corrected. For example, when creating an object where Label is Chapter Membership, Object Name is automatically populated with the value Chapter_Membership, which is neither title case nor Pascal case.

Be kind to your future self and fellow staff by writing clear names. For example, if you have a list view for webinars next month, avoid vague terms such as "Upcoming Webinars." Instead, be more descriptive like Future Webinars: Next Month

Title Case

Title case uses a space delimiter between words and capitalizes most words. For example: Year of Graduation.


  • Nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs
  • The first and last words, no matter what the words are
  • The second element of a hyphenated compound. For example: Third-Party Software
  • Prepositions that are part of a verb. For example: Log In


  • Articles (a, an, the) and prepositions that are not part of a verb
  • The to in an infinitive. For example: Modules to Complete


  • Retain the capitalization of abbreviations and names. For example: pH Value; iPhone

Pascal Case

Pascal case uses no delimiters between words and it capitalizes all words. For example: YearOfGraduation.


  • All words, including the first letter of names that start with a standalone lowercase letter. For example: IPhone

  • Acronyms, including the first letter of acronyms that start with a lowercase letter. For example: PHValue; NimbleAMSMembership

Some component names cannot start with a numerical character. Consider changing the number to its text equivalent. For example, instead of 1stDonationDate use FirstDonationDate.

Alternatively, change the order of the words. For example, instead of 401kApplicationDate use ApplicationDate401k.

Omit special characters such as ampersands (&). For example, the conversion of All AV & Tech from title case to Pascal case is AllAVTech.

Guidelines For Specific Components

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