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SOQL Query Design Guidelines

SOQL Query Design Guidelines provide standards for naming SOQL Queries in a clear and consistent way.


Queries are most commonly referenced by an access control and/or a data source. We recommend entering a Label in title case that exactly matches the corresponding data source or access control name. As for the SOQL Query Name, it basically serves as the API name, so it should be identical to the Label except written in Pascal case instead of title case.

How do we recommend naming data sources and access controls? Head over to Community Hub Component Design Guidelines.

What is title case and Pascal case? Check out Component Design Guidelines.

For example, if you have a data source named ISEN Past Registrations Current Account, then that's what your query name is too.

If your query is referenced by something other than an access control or data source, it's still usually helpful to have the query's label match exactly whatever is referencing it.

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