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Configure Consent Tracking During Account Creation in Community Hub

If your association complies with various data protection and privacy regulations, it is important to make your privacy policy accessible to your constituents. You should give them a clear action to give consent for you to use their data as they are creating a Community Hub account by agreeing to the terms of your privacy policy. There are many ways you can configure consent during account creation in Community Hub, but there are some included components to get you started.

Recipe Prep

Keep these things in mind:

  • You have a privacy policy page that can be linked to from Community Hub
  • You have gone through the steps to Enable Data Protection and Privacy and enabled Consent Management

To make this recipe, you should understand:

This recipe will be even better if you understand:


You will mix these ingredients together to make this recipe:

Create Account Consent


The card you can place on the Create Account page that displays a link to your privacy policy and tells constituents that submitting the page signifies their consent.

DataSource$NewAccount Data SourceData Source

Used by the Create Account Consent card to add the consent information to the new account.


You can follow these directions to make this recipe in your org:

  1. Place the Create Account Consent card on the Create Account page where you would like constituents to read about and understand their consent. We recommend placing near the bottom of the page.

This is just one way you can set up consent during account creation in Community Hub. You can create your own components to customize the experience for your constituents, just be sure that whatever approach you take complies with the data protection and privacy regulation(s) to which you are adhering.

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