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Create an Access Control

Administrators can create an access control to grant or revoke access to components in Community Hub based on criteria they define.

  1. In the App Menu, select Community Hub Setup.
  2. In the tab bar, click Access Controls.
  3. Click New Access Control.
  4. In Name, enter an easily recognizable term to identify this access control. 
  5. In Description, enter a description of what the access control does. 
  6. In Class, select the Apex class which defines the type of criteria you will use to control access.

    1. For AccountConditional, in Field Name, select the checkbox (true or false) field on the Account to use to grant access.
    2. For BusinessRuleConditional, in Business Rule Name, select the business rule to grant access.
    3. For InverseQueryConditional, inBusiness Rule Name, select the SOQL query to use to grant access.
    4. For PermissionSetConditional, in Permission Set, select the permission set to grant access.
    5. For QueryConditional, in Query Record Name, select the SOQL query to use to grant access.
    6. For WithoutPermissionSetConditional, in Permission Set, select the permission set to revoke access.
  7. Click Save.

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