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Create a Button Menu

Administrators can create buttons that reveal a menu of options by creating one button which is placed on a card, and then many other buttons which are the options. This is useful when you want to give your constituents several related options on one card.

  1. Create buttons that will be used as the options in the button menu.

  2. Create the menu button:
    1. In the App Menu, select Community Hub Setup.
    2. In the tab bar, click Buttons.
    3. Click New Button.
    4. In Name, enter an easily recognizable term to identify the button menu. 
    5. In Description, enter a description of what the button menu does.
    6. In Class, enter ButtonMenu.

    7. To add different options to your menu, in Buttons In Menu, select one or more buttons.

      Press CTRL/CMND to select multiple buttons.

    8. In Label, begin typing the name of the custom label you'd like to use for the button menu text and select it from the list of results or click 

       to create a new one.

    9. Click Save.

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