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Create a Button that Runs an Autolaunched Flow

Administrators can create a button that runs an autolaunched flow. This is useful when you want to create automated processes that are initiated by constituents.

  1. Create an autolaunched flow -  autolaunched flows do not contain steps, screens, choices, or dynamic choices in the active or latest flow version.

    If using InputSObbject(s) variable, it must contain the sObject Salesforce ID. Learn how to use input/output variables for a button.

  2. Create a button:
    1. In the App Menu, select Community Hub Setup.

    2. In the tab bar, click Buttons.
    3. Click New Button.
    4. In Name, enter an easily recognizable term to identify the button using Pascal Case.
    5. In Class, enter NC.DynamicFlowButton.

    6. In Configuration, enter the name of the flow you created.

    7. Click Save.

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