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Create a Logistic

Staff can create a logistic to track room and monitor information for a room logistic, or cost and quantity for any other type of logistic.

User Permissions Needed

Logistic Create & Modify All permission set.

  1. From a record, like an event or registration product, in the Logistics related list, click New.
  2. Event or Product are populated to relate this logistic to the record. You should not need to update these.
  3. If you have additional information to add about the logistic, in Description, enter any additional information.
  4. If you are creating a room logistic:
    1. If you have room and monitor information:
      1. In Room, enter the name of the related room and select it from the list or click New Room to create a new related room. Learn more about how to Create a Room.
      2. In Monitor Name, enter the name of the staff member assigned to monitor the room for the duration of the function.
      3. In Monitor Email, enter the email address for the staff member assigned to monitor the room.
      4. In Monitor Phone, enter the phone number for the staff member assigned to monitor the room.
    2. If you have date and time information for setup or breakdown:
      1. In Setup Duration, enter the time it takes to set up the room, in minutes.
      2. In Breakdown Duration, enter the time it takes to break down the room, in minutes.
  5. If you are creating any other type of logistic:
    1. In Item, select the required resource this logistic represents.

      If you do not see the item you would like to add, speak with your administrator about adding it to the list. Learn more about how to Add or Edit Picklist Values (external).

    2. If the logistic has a related cost, in Unit Cost, enter the amount.
    3. If the logistic has a related quantity, in Quantity, enter the amount. If the logistic represents seating, enter the number of seats needed.
  6. Click Save.
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