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Staff can set up events of any size, from webinars to large, week-long conferences. Your event can be as simple or as advanced as you need, and your constituents can register and modify their registration in Community Hub; so staff focus on planning a great event.

Event Configuration

Events are many associations most exciting and lucrative time of the year, quarter, or - in some cases - month! A lot of planning generally goes into making sure that constituents and staff alike are able to have a good time, network, and learn. The Event record will house all of the base data, such as data, time, and location, and can be customized with different pricing amounts for early, regular, and late registrations.

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Event Management

Once all of the backend work is done - the event has been made, your sessions are active... looks like things are ready to go! However, there are many features available for events to help make sure that everything runs correctly, such as waitlists, or tracking the logistic to see how well everything went.

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Events with Community Hub

To make things easier for your constituents, you can provide them with the ability to access and register for an event through Community Hub.

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Manage the speakers, moderators, and volunteers for your events by relating engagement records to the event and session registration product records.

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