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Create Cash Bills for Program

Billing History allows staff members to create multiple cash bills which are represented as carts containing program renewals. These cash bill cart are based on Bill Date, which is used as the new Invoice Date and Transaction Date on the cash bill cart, and End Date. End Date, along with Program Type, are the criteria for selecting program records for cash bill creation.

Once Billing History has run, cash bill cart are created, with all cart items linked to a Billing History record. There is one cash bill cart created for each program renewal being billed. This allows staff to view all program records from a specific period in a single place. A Billing History object and tab are available for use by staff members so that they can create cash bill cart and view recent billing history.

Cash Bill Carts with Balances

To create multiple cash bill carts: 

  1. Go to the Billing History tab.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select the Billing Type (Program).
  4. Select the Program.
  5. Select the Current Term End Date.
  6. Select the Bill Date.
  7. Click Run Billing.
Once Billing History runs, a Billing History record is created for the Current Term End Date and Bill Date specified and all cart items are linked to this parent record. All previously unbilled cash bill carts will be visible in the Cart Item related list. The Transaction Date, Total Balance, Total Payment, and associated Batch are displayed for each Cart Item that meets the specified billing criteria.

The staff member who runs Billing History will receive an email confirming that the process is complete. The message will contain a link to the Billing History record.

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