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Create New Individual Page

Company managers are brought to the Create New Individual page when they want to create a new individual as part of the individual affiliation process. On the Create New Individual page, company managers can enter information for the new individual as well their affiliation with the company.

When company managers submit the page, a new individual account is created along with an affiliation which looks up to the company account and the individual account. In addition to any of the affiliation information the company manager entered, Primary Affiliation is selected and Status set to Active on the affiliation so company managers can manage their newly created individual right away.

When company managers click Submit, they are taken to the Company Roster page where a message displays letting them know the affiliation was added.

Creating Individuals Who Do not Have a Valid Email Domain

If the company has an authorized email domain(s) set and the company manager enters an email that is invalid, a message displays at the top of the page letting them know the supported email domain(s) and lets them know they can change the company's authorized email domain(s) by going to the Edit Company page.

To remove company managers's ability to create new individuals, you can remove the Create New Company Button from the Add Affiliation Page. Removing the button removes navigational access to the Create New Individual page.

Page Information

Create New Individual
Heading LabelCreateNewIndividual
Description LabelCreate New Individual

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