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Deals Management

The process of managing Deals is, generally, quite a simple process - being able to convert into an Order when it has been accepted by a Constituent.

Viewing Deals

Deals is a distinct object related to account but with its own tab, so you can view it one of two ways:

  • To view any deal, from the Deals tab, select a list view.
  • To view a deal for an account, from that account record, view the Deals related list.

Creating Deals

You can create deals in one of two ways:

  1. From an account record, via the Deals related list.
  2. From the Deals tab.

After creating a deal, you can add deal items, which represent each product in the deal:

  1. From the deal record, add a new deal item via the Deal Items related list.

    Be sure the product you select for the deal item corresponds with the record type of the parent deal. For example, if you created a membership deal, your deal items should only relate to membership products.

Cloning Deals

  1. On a deal record, click Clone and save the record.

    Deal items are not also cloned during this process.

Converting Deals

The Deal Status must be Ready for Convert to convert a deal.

  1. On the deal record, click Convert Deal at the top of the page. This generates a cart with order items and order item lines that correspond with the deal items.
  2. Walk through the order process to complete the transaction.

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