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Donation Prediction

Nimble Predictions Donation Prediction revolutionizes the way Associations engage with their members by leveraging cutting-edge predictive analytics. This feature harnesses the power of data science to forecast the amount a member is likely to donate, presenting this value directly in the donation interface. The Nimble AMS Donation Prediction empowers associations to optimize fundraising efforts and enhance member contributions by providing personalized insights and encouraging targeted giving.

About the Experience Cloud Donation Component

The Experience Cloud donation component with Donation Prediction allows Staff to specify which donation components use predicted values. Additionally, Staff can configure what amounts will automatically be displayed. Choose from a flat rate spread or a percentage spread, then define the size of the spread.

For example, with a predicted donation value of $400 with a flat rate spread of 100, the member will be presented with 3 options: $300, $400, and $500 with the predicted value of $400 automatically selected by default.

Figure 1. Example of the Donation Component with a configured Donation Prediction


  • Personalized Insights: Members are presented with personalized donation amounts based on their past contributions, engagement history, and other relevant data points.

  • Targeted Giving: By highlighting the predicted donation amount on the donation page, associations can encourage members to consider contributing at a level that aligns with their capacity and engagement level.

  • Optimized Fundraising: Donation Prediction enables associations to optimize their fundraising efforts by focusing on high-potential donors, tailoring messaging and appeals, and maximizing donation amounts.

Get Started Today

Request to be enrolled in the Donation Prediction pilot through the "Enroll in a Pilot" section on our NimbleLand Pilots page.

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