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Nimble Predictions

Nimble Predictions - Member Lapse Prevention

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics is no longer just a technology of tomorrow for associations.  Using Nimble AMS and Salesforce Einstein Prediction Builder, associations can now leverage predictive analytics to get in front of member retention issues before they happen. Predict which members are most likely to lapse their membership.   

Our Member Lapse Prediction solution can help reduce staff time by using the power of artificial intelligence to identify and highlight high-risk members and avoid costly, time-intensive analysis. Staff will spend less time researching member retention problems and instead focus on actions to increase retention. 

Whether you have an annual or anniversary membership structure, our Predictions Member Lapse Prediction solution takes the guesswork out of how to utilize artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Nimble AMS Predictions – Member Lapse Prevention includes what member behavior to monitor and a dashboard for monitoring progress and success. In addition, Nimble AMS Predictions includes out-of-the-box email templates giving associations a starting point from day one. Our email templates are aligned with industry and marketing best practices to help you easily create your campaigns and increase retention.  

Figure 1. Einstein Prediction Builder page to start the predictive model build process

Here's an example of how a member's risk score card will appear.

Figure 2. Risk Score Card example

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