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Duplicate Services Available in Community Hub

Nimble AMS allows you to use one of three duplicate services with Community Hub. The two basic ones are DupeService and ContainsDupeService2. If you want even more capability, you can use Salesforce Duplicate Management via a third service called DatacloudDupeService. Before making a decision, it helps to know how these services differ.

Learn about the Differences Between each Service

We recommend using the DatacloudDupeService since it utilizes the powerful functionality of Salesforce Duplicate Management to identify potential account duplicates. However, if your Community Hub duplicate needs are simple, you may consider simply staying with the service you have.

Duplicate Service Comparison
Specify which fields to compareYes1Yes2Yes2
Fuzzy search for all fieldsYes1YesNo
Fuzzy search for specific fields onlyYes1NoNo
AND logic between fieldsYes1YesYes
OR logic between fieldsYes1NoNo
Mix of AND and OR logic between fieldsYes1NoNo

Custom message on Matching Account(s) card.


[1] via matching rule

[2] via IndividualCreateAccountDupeCheck Account field set

[3] via duplicate rule

A custom Apex class can also be used as a duplicate service, but generally DatacloudDupeService is robust enough since it uses Salesforce matching and duplicate rules.

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