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Edit a SOQL Query

A SOQL query can be altered at any time to retrieve new or different information in Nimble AMS.

Changes in Custom Metadata not Synced to Queries Object

If a SOQL query is updated in custom metadata types, the changes are not synced in queries object. To make changes in queries, update a query in queries object instead of editing SOQL queries in Custom Metadata Types.

As of Spring '19, queries are now stored as Custom Metadata Types (CMTs) instead of sObjects. This makes it very easy to move queries from staging to production and to include it in packages. While the Queries tab still exists (which creates sObject queries) and is fully supported, we recommend creating CMT queries from now on. This page explains the new, recommended method (creating CMT queries).

Editing a SOQL query will affect any part of Nimble AMS using the query to retrieve information.

  1. In Setup, go to Custom Metadata Types
  2. Locate SOQL Query and click Manage Records.
  3. Click Edit next to the query you want to customize.
  4. Make the desired changes. Refer to Create a Query to understand what the fields do.
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