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Email Templates

Nimble Create does support limited emailing with the following criteria:

  1. The email is initiated by a workflow, process builder, or flow

  2. The email will be delivered through the Salesforce mail server (for those clients using SendGrid, it will still run through the Salesforce mail server).

Nimble Create does not support on-demand emailing unless you also install and configure the Nimble Create Extensions package.

If you wish to have a template render as an email, one last configuration is to create an Email Template . This is a template, and should be done before doing the Viewer.

  1. Make note of the Salesforce Id of your Template.

  2. Click on Setup.

  3. In the search bar, enter Email Templates.

  4. Click Email Templates.

  5. Click NewTemplate 

  6. Select Visualforce, then click Next.
    Note: choose Visualforce so that you can reference the template we created above.

  7. Fill in the following information:

    Field Name



    Nimble Create Templates

    Email Template Name

    The name you wish to call your template

    Available for Use

    This box needs to be checked if you want this template to be used. You can go back and check this at a later time.

    Template Unique Name

    This will auto-populate with an API name once you tab off of the Email Template Name


    A description of the the template

    Email Subject

    The subject line that will be be sent with your email template

    Recipient Type

    The Salesforce object that will be receiving the email (typically Contact)

    Related to Type

    The Salesforce object that the template will be retrieving merge field data from (this includes custom objects).

  8. Click Save.

  9. Click EditTemplate

  10. Highlight and delete lines 3 and 4.  

    The lines you are to delete should read: Congratulations! This is your new VisualForce Email Template.

  11. Paste the following text in Line 3:

  12. <NUTPL:TemplateViewer templateIdArg="a2rM000000aKlH5" paramsArg="param1={!relatedTo.Id}" /> 

    Update highlighted Salesforce Id to the Salesforce Id of the template to which this Email Template should be related

  13. Update line 2 to:  <messaging:htmlEmailBody>

  14. Update line 4 to:  </messaging:htmlEmailBody>

  15. Click Save.

Preview Email Template

Before you begin using the email template, we recommend that you test the template to ensure everything is configured as you are expecting.

  1. From the Email Template, click Send Test and Verify Merge Fields.

  2. Enter the Contact of the account you want to preview

  3. Enter the Record to use for the test template.

  4. If you want the test to also be emailed, select Send email preview to and enter your email address.

  5. Click OK.

    This is just a preview and will not send anything to the Contact you select. If you are choosing to receive an email preview, ensure that the email address if your address and not the contact’s email address. This will help to ensure that the email preview is not sent to the Contact you’ve selected.

  6. Your template will now display with the defined fields populated in the Email Template section on the Visualforce Email Template page.

Email and Styling 

It is important to be aware that email programs (Outlook, and GMail in particular) will alter the appearance of your email. The following features of an emailed template may look different to the recipient:

  • Logos and graphics may not be displayed

  • Fonts may not match your intended fonts

  • Background colors may not be shown when printing

  • The email may fit on a different number of pages when printing

In general it is important to have broad expectations on how the document looks to the recipient. It can be challenging to make the document look exactly the same given the wide range of hardware, software, and printers in use by your recipients.

Daily Email Limits

The feature can use the standard Salesforce email functionality. If you are using the standard Salesforce email functionality, your emails will be counted in your daily 5,000 email limit.

If your company is using SendGrid to distribute Salesforce Emails, Nimble Create emails will be sent through your company’s SendGrid account.

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