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Community Hub sends emails to constituents when given actions occur, such as when a new account is created. Nimble AMS includes a responsive Visualforce email template for account creation and simple email templates for when a password is recovered or reset.

To provide a custom email experience for your constituents, you can create custom email templates. Custom email templates can be created in one of two ways:

  • Administrators can create a simple Text custom email template through point and click.
  • Developers with knowledge in writing HTML and CSS can create additional responsive Visualforce email templates.

Customize Emails

Administrators can configure Community Hub to send different email templates to be sent when different events occur as well as customize the sender information. Administrators can:

  • Create an email template
  • Edit the sender (From) of emails sent from Community Hub
  • Change the email template sent when an account is created
  • Change the email template sent when a password is recovered or reset
  • Create a responsive Visualforce email template
  • Disable the Welcome email from sending when a user is created

High Volume Email (SendGrid)

For many associations, mass email is a preferred way to communicate with members, prospects, and other stakeholders. Thus, they need a massive email transfer limit. 

Often the Salesforce limits (external) are not sufficient for some associations as they need to send an unlimited number of emails. If your association is one of them and is in need of a solution to send unlimited emails, then Nimble AMS High Volume Email solution; SendGrid is for you. SendGrid integration offers a base limit of sending 500 * X licensed users for emails per month at no cost. If you need to send emails beyond this limit, then no worries, we have got you covered. You can send any number of additional emails for specific overage fees.

Note: The overage fees will be invoiced for each email sent above the mentioned limit.

Reach out to Nimble AMS Support for assistance setting up SendGrid or for any queries regarding unlimited email cost.

Known Limitations

Cannot Send AttachmentsHigh Volume Email functionality does not support email attachments at this time.
Cannot Use with Standard Salesforce Workflow Email TasksHigh Volume Email cannot be used in conjunction with Salesforce email tasks at this time.

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