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Enable Cash Prepayment

Admins can enable cash prepayments to empower staff to take payments early for a cart or order that hasn't yet been created.

To do the following steps, you need to know:

  1. Create a new GL Account record for Cash Prepayments.

    1. In Entity, specify your default entity. Learn how to Change the Default Entity. This is the entity that will receive the prepayments.
  2. Set the Prepayment Payable GL Account Id field: 
    1. From Setup, go to Installed Packages and click Configure next to Nimble AMS
    2. Under Order Settings, in Prepayment Payable GL Account Id , enter the record Id of the GL account you just created.
    3. Click Save.

  3. Add the Credit Balance field to page layouts for the Account and Person Account objects and make it read-only: 
    1. To make it read-only, Click 
      Nimble AMS, Staff View, Button, Wrench to edit the field properties and select Read-Only
  4. Add Credit Payment to page layouts for the Cart Payment object: 
  5. Edit the Transactions related list on page layouts for the GL Account object by adding the Prepayment field.
  6. Add the following fields to page layouts for the Payment object:
    1. Available Credit Balance
    2. Credit Payable GL Account
    3. Is Credit
    4. Total Payment Applied
  7. Add the Prepayment Transactions related list to page layouts for the Payment object. We recommend selecting the following fields:
    1. Transaction Id (sort on this, ascending)
    2. Batch
    3. Type
    4. GL Account
    5. Amount
  8. Add the Prepayment field to the page layout for the Transaction object: 
  9. For each profile that needs access to process prepayments, go to Object Settings and:
    1. For the Prepayments object, select Default On for Tab Settings
    2. For the Payments object, in Object Permissions, select Create and Edit.

If the Prepayment Payable GL Account Id is left blank in the Nimble AMS package configuration, staff will see an error message that says, "Prepayment is not enabled. Please contact Nimble AMS Support..." when they access thePrepayment tab.

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