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Enable Donations in Community Hub

Administrators can enable donations in Community Hub so constituents can make donations with or without logging in.


By default, the anonymous donation page includes a reCapcha card to help prevent fraudulent transactions. This feature is enabled using the Nimble AMS key (Sitekey: 6L****zX ). We recommend that you set up your own account and create a new reCaptcha card that uses your unique key. See reCaptcha

Create a Guest Account

Create an account record that guest donations will be attributed to and update custom settings to use this account.

  1. Create a new account where the Last Name has a value of: Online Guest Checkout.
  2. Copy the ID of this new account from the URL, you will need it in a bit. Learn where the ID is in the Salesforce URL.

    You should exclude this account from reports where you don't want guest donations to affect the numbers.

    For the following steps, you need to be in Salesforce Lightening Experience

  3. Add the Online Guest Checkout account ID to a custom setting:

  4. From the App Menu Navigate to "Community Hub Settings"
  5. Click Edit for Customization (Or the Community Hub Instance you're working with)..
  6. InAnonymous Account Id, paste the ID of the account you just created.

Set up the Entity/Entities

  1. Configure the Donation Entity (or entities).
  2. For each of your donation entities:
    1. In the Checkout Page field, enter: donatenow

Update Page Layouts

To do the following steps, you need to know how to configure page layouts. Learn how to Customize Record Details with Page Layouts on Trailhead. 

  1. Add the Checkout Page field to your page layout(s) for the Entity object.

    We recommend adding it to a section named Community Hub along with the following fields: Payment URL (Order)Payment URL (Cart), and Download Proxy Page.

  2. Add the Appeal and Anonymousfields to your page layout(s) for the Donation object.

  3. Add the following fields and related list to your page layout(s) for the Product object that are assigned to the Donation record type.

    1. Fields

      1. URL Parameter Name
      2. Checkout URL
      3. Suggested Donation Amounts
      4. Start Date
      5. End Date
    2. Related Lists

      1. Appeal Product Links

        We recommend including the Appeal Product Link Name, Appeal and Checkout URL fields in the related list.

Make Suggested Donation Amounts Available

  1. AssignSuggested Donation Amounts picklist values to the Product object's Donation record type. Learn how to Edit Picklists for Record Types at Salesforce Help.

    These values represent donation amounts (in US dollars). Any values you select here are made available to staff when they are configuring a donation product. This doesn't globally apply these suggested donation amounts to all the products that your constituents see in Community Hub. In others words, on a per-donation product basis, staff can select which suggested donation amount(s) appear. The available values that staff can select from is determined by what you select here. No pressure.

    By the way, you can add more values. Learn how to Add or Edit Picklist Values. Just be sure to add them to the Donation record type too.

Grant Permissions

  1. Grant Edit permission to the Community Hub Login User profile and the Community Hub Guest permission set for the following fields on the Order object: 

    1. Additional Emails
    2. Confirmation Email
  2. Grant Read to permission to staff for the Appealfield on the Cart Item Lineobject.

Add Donate Link in Community Hub

Constituents need a link to go to the donation page. 

  1. Create a menu item (learn how) that links to the /donate page in Community Hub.

    For example, if you want to add a link in the global menu, go to the Navigation tab and create a new navigation item with the following values:



    Donate Now




    Donate Now



    CSS Class


    "m-highlight" is optional. It simply adds a border around the button to call it out more prominantly:

    Donate Now Border

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