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Entity Credit Card Issuers

By creating entity credit card issuers, you set the entity credit care issuer that each entity has available for credit card payments, as well as setting the bank account that is used for recording the payments. The credit card issuer you set up for an entity are available in the staff view order process when your batch is set for that same entity. In Community Hub, constituents can enter payments using the entity credit card issues for your Default Entity. The Default Entity is set by an administrator.

Before creating entity credit card issuers, you must first have the bank account and credit card issuer created. American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard®, and Visa® are preset as credit card issuers in Nimble AMS. Additional credit card issuers can be created, if needed, and then are assigned to the appropriate entities by creating entity credit card issuers.

If you discontinue taking payments for a specific credit card, you can set the status on the entity credit card issuer to be Inactive and the credit card no longer appears as a payment option.

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