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Event Questions Card Type

The Event Questions card type displays the list of event questions and related event answers for a given event returned by the data source.

The card type supports event questions in the form of a checkbox, a decimal number, an integer, a picklist, a multi-select picklist, a single-line text box, and multi-line text box. When in edit mode, constituents can answer each question and their responses are saved to related event answers records when a cart is submitted or a registration is edited.

The Event Questions card type does not display when registering form an event with no event questions.

Card Layout

By default, fields on a card of this type display as editable. If administrators use a card layout where Allow In Place Editing is selected—such as the AllowInPlaceEditing card layout—fields display as read only when the page is loaded. A button displays in the upper right hand corner of the card so constituent's can make the fields editable. Additionally, constituents can click to cancel or submit their changes.

Custom Apex Controller

By default, fields on a card of this type display as editable. Additionally, developers can use a custom Apex controller to display the fields as read only based on custom logic.

Card Type Information

Controller NameEventQuestionsCompController
Card Component ConstructorEventQuestionsComponentConstructor
Display NameEvent Questions
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