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Express Pay in Experience Cloud Community Hub


Nimble AMS has provided ways to allow your association members to effortlessly make payments in Experience Cloud Community Hub for open invoices, including pro forma orders. When there's an outstanding balance on an order, the association can send an email with the payment URL allowing constituents to easily view and settle their invoice. The Express Payment link i.e. Experience Cloud Checkout URL can be retrieved from the Order record. The staff can easily share this URL with the constituent for settling opening invoices.

Figure 1. Experience Cloud Checkout URL for express payment

Once a constituent clicks on the URL, it opens the Checkout page in Experience Cloud Community Hub where the order with an outstanding balance is displayed. They can review the order, select the shipping option, and pay for the order through the payment options available.

Applying Coupons

If a community hub user has a valid coupon code, they have the option to apply the coupon while making payment. Please see Applying a Coupon in Experience Cloud Checkout for details regarding the coupon application process.

Payment as a guest user

If constituents are not logged into Community Hub, a message displays at the top of the page prompting them to log in or create an account. Constituents can log in to use their stored payment options or they can choose not to log in, and their payment is connected to the Online Guest Checkout account.

Figure 2. Experience Cloud Checkout page for making payment.

Get Started Today

Request to be enrolled in a pilot through the "Enroll in a Pilot" section on our NimbleLand Pilots page. Select the Experience Cloud Community Hub option from the Features drop-down.

Experience Cloud Checkout

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