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Administrators can customize the fields used in Community Hub to control how they appear, how they behave, and who will see them.

Field Labels

Field labels are the text displayed along with field values. To ensure your constituent's the bestCommunity Hub experience, Administrators can customize all field labels.

Field Validation

Administrators can add a validation rule to a field to ensure a certain value is entered into the field, which displays an error message if the entered value is not correct.

Lookup Fields

Lookup fields, in particular, can be highly customized using an AutoCompleteSearch Configuration. In lookup fields, constituents can begin typing a value, and a list of search results appear below the field from which constituents can make a choice. Administrators can customize how many characters constituents must enter before results display, what fields appear in the result, as well as which records to search against.

Field Access Level

Fields can be displayed only to constituents with a certain profile, or even display fields differently depending on the containing field set.

Customize Fields

Administrators can:

  • Relabel a field
  • Add a validation rule to a field
  • Customize the behavior of a lookup field
  • Set the access level for a field
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