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File Attachment Card Type

The File Attachment card type shows five buttons which users can click to choose files from their device. When a file is chosen, the name of the file is shown as the name of the button. If a chosen file is larger than 25 MB, a message is shown next to the file letting users know that the file is too big. If users want to choose more than five files, they can add five more buttons to the card that can be clicked to choose more files from their device. Once users have chosen 120 MB worth of files from their device, they can no longer add additional buttons to the card. Also, users can click to remove individually chosen files, or click to remove all chosen files.

The File Attachment card type also shows a list of all files that have already been uploaded and are attached to the specified record in Nimble AMS. If users created the record or are made the owner of a file in Staff View, they can download the file from this list.

This card type only works on a page if there is an ID specified in the URL - if there is no URL specified, an error will appear while trying to load the page.

For example: /CommunityHub/UpoadYourResume?id=00100000034AAZ

Card Type Information

Controller NameFileAttachmentComponentController
File Attachment

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