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Guest Access and Checkout in Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud Community Hub is now guest-user accessible! With this update, the user experience of the member self-service portal is greatly improved by allowing guest users to access pertinent information and utilize key functionalities without having to create an account.

A user navigates through your association’s public pages, browses the products available for purchase, and stays informed about upcoming events without logging in. While browsing through the products available for purchase, they can now see the difference in pricing between a member and a non-member thus allowing a non-member to see the added benefit of joining the association as a member.

The shopping experience of your members is also elevated through the Guest Checkout feature in Experience Cloud Community Hub. They can now complete purchases through Buy Now without the need to log in or create an account. By removing the barrier to logging in and creating an account, your members/constituents save valuable time while enjoying a faster and smoother checkout process. They still have the flexibility to log in at any time during the checkout process, if that is their preference.

The guest checkout uses reCAPTCHA as an added layer of security to ensure a safer purchase experience. The association and its members' safety is of utmost importance to us. Hence, only users who are successfully verified through reCAPTCHA can submit an order.

Experience Cloud Community Hub’s guest checkout process takes the hassle out of online shopping and provides the convenience of quick, easy, and secure transactions through a modern user experience.

Guest Checkout


  • Quick and easy checkout process: Guest checkout allows members/constituents to discover and purchase the product without having to log in or create an account, thus resulting in a faster and more convenient checkout process.

  • Increase in Revenue: By removing the additional step of login or creating an account, members/constituents are less likely to abandon the purchase process, thus increasing the chances of higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

  • Increase in Membership enrollment: By displaying the benefit a member receives in price, there is potential for a higher conversion rate in membership from a non-member to a member and a better retention rate.

  • Data security and trust: The guest checkout uses reCAPTCHA to ensure the data is secured and only legitimate users can submit an order, thus providing a safer purchase experience.

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