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Inbound and Outbound Integrations

Inbound and outbound integration settings provide developers access to the Nimble Fuse API to write data to, and read data from, Nimble AMS.

Outbound Integration Settings

Developers retrieve information from Nimble AMS using outbound integration settings. With an outbound integration, you can use a SOQL query to match an external app's requirements.

Outbound integrations can return up to 50,000 records or 3MB of data per API call. To ensure you are not exceeding this limit, be sure to filter the results using the WHERE clause in the Query on the integration setting record.

Inbound Integration Settings

Developers pass data formatted in JSON to create new records and update existing records in Nimble AMS. With an inbound integration, you can create a specific mapping from the external app to fields in Nimble AMS.

You may encounter an Apex CPU time limit if too many records are processed in one batch. Reducing the number of records in the batch will help to avoid this error.

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