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Integration Callout Fields

Integration callouts are used to store information related to a callout integration setting. Integration callouts are created each time the integration callout worker executes and updated when an integration response worker executes.

Field LabelApi NameDescription
Integration Callout NameNameThe Id is automatically populated when the record is inserted.
Completed TimeNUINT__Completed_Time__cThe Date/Time the IntegrationSetting class has finished execution on the record.
Integration SettingNUINT__Integration_Setting__cLookup to the parent integration setting.
StatusNUINT__Status__cThe current state of the record. The status updates depending upon the response from the third-party API.
MessageNUINT__Message__cOptional. Used to record detailed information for a success or failure. This field is populated by the handleResponses method in the IntegrationSetting Apex class.
MessageNUINT__Request__cThe HttpRequest string sent to the third-party API.
ResponseNUINT__Response__cThe HttpResponse string received from the third-party API.

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