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License Recycling

Each org has a limited number of Community Hub licenses which can be exceeded by the number of Community Hub users. License recycling is designed to provide organizations that have more Community Hub users than licenses a way to automatically shift licenses between users so they are able to log in without negatively impacting their experience. It is essentially a way to allow users to access Community Hub while working with a limited license count. 

When the organization has reached its license count threshold, a license is dynamically shifted to a user when they log in to Community Hub and another account is deactivated in order to use that license. This allows the user to access Community Hub without having to be manually reactivated by staff and without knowing that they were potentially deactivated in the first place. 

Creating an Account

If a user goes to create a new account, if the configured threshold of free licenses has not been met, one of the free licenses is used for the new user. If the configured threshold of free licenses has been met, a configured number of licenses are freed up from the oldest users, and one is used for the new user being created.

The oldest user is defined as the account that hasn't logged in the longest amount of time. If the last log in time for multiple accounts is the same, the Create Account time and date are used as a tie breaker.

Logging In

If a user goes to log in and all of the licenses for an organization are already in use, the oldest account is deactivated and the user logging is reactivated and use the license that came from the deactivated user. 

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