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Lightning Cross Sell Carousel Card Type

This page is part of the New Lightning Cross-Sell Experience seen on orgs where Nimble AMS was installed after the Nimble AMS Summer '20 release.

The Lightning Cross Sell Carousel card type shows a carousel to display the related products based on the tags on the account of the constituent or a data source. In case of a guest user or if the account does not have any tags then it shows products sold maximum in last 90 days. 

Users can see an image and title for a product, event, memberships or donation. An administrator can change the total quantity of the related products or events a user can view on the carousel. The carousel has an auto-scroll feature and it can be turned on to auto-scroll and display the additional related products, events, memberships or donations. It can be turned off so that a user can scroll it as per the need. Also, the products to be displayed on the carousel can be filtered based on type, by populating the field, Filter while configuring the lightning carousel, with one or more product types. As an example, if the administrator enters nu__Product__c, nu__Event__c, nu__MembershipType__c in filter to be included, only merchandise, event and memberships will be visible to the user on this carousel.

Filtering Product Types

Multiple values can be entered in Records Types separated by commas. Also, these are not case-sensitive. Following are the exact formats to be used: 

  1. nu__Product__c for objects
  2. Merchandise for record types
  3. nu__Product__c.merchandise for sobject.record_types
  4. znu__Product__c, Membership for sobject and its own record types

Card Type Information


Lightning Cross Sell Carousel

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