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Lightning Store Improvements

We've made some exciting improvements to the Lightning Store to help you deliver a better purchasing experience for your members.  We have expanded the Product Filter component to give you more control over the categories you display, opened up more options on how you display product information, and added support for products across entities, to name a few. Take a look and see at what has changed in Summer 20!  You can also check out the Lightning Store documentation for more information.

What's New?

Rich Text Product Description

Product descriptions now support Rich Text, including: 

  • Format text as bold, italicized, underlined, or strikethrough
  • Specify font, color and size
  • Create bullet and numbered lists
  • Change paragraph indentation
  • Insert a hyperlink
  • Insert an image

 (AMS-10849, NC-5725)

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Support for Cross-Entity Products

The Lightning Store now supports displaying and selling products tied to different entities in Nimble AMS.  The cross-entity support will make it even easier for your organization to sell products regardless of entity. (NC-5719)

Categorize your Lightning Store

You can now create product sub categories with multiple levels to give you more control on how you present your products in the Lightning Store.  The extra flexibility will allow you to categorize products in more ways to help members more easily find products they want to purchase. (NC-5723)

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Setting display order for product attributes

To refine the Store page experience for users, the administrator can now use the Display Order field in Attribute Type Custom Metadata Object to set the order in which attributes types like color, language, etc. will be displayed for a product, instead of having them displayed in a random order. The attribute type for which this field is left blank will be displayed last. (NC-5592)

Added Object Display Configuration records for Products, Membership and Events

Now you do not need to create records manually for LWC Carousal Configuration. We have added Object Display Configuration records for Products, Membership and Events. This will help to handle UI for the individual Carousel Record. (NC-5751)

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Plural labels for your Attributes

For products having multiple variations in Lightning Store, like multiple formats, you can now set the Plural Label of Attribute Types in Custom Metadata Types instead of having plural names fixed for attribute types. (NC-5750)

For details, see Enablement and Configuration for Product Variants.

Defects Fixed

Special prices now taken from Calculated Default Price field

Previously for percentage discounts or special prices, the price of products in some cases was being fetched from Default Special Price, which is now correctly being fetched from Calculated Default Price custom field.  (AMS-11492)

Only one default child product

It's now only possible to set one child product as the default product in a product variant setup. Before Nimble AMS incorrectly allowed multiple products to be designated as the default which was confusing for administrators setting up products and variants.  (AMS-11474)

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