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Lightning Store

lightning store

Make a Lightning Store

Nimble AMS introduces the ability to create a state-of-the-art e-commerce store using Lightning Web Components for an improved user experience and more flexibility on how associations can sell their products.

Built using new Lightning Web Component (LWC) technology Nimble AMS customers are now able to use the power of Community Builder to easily design an experience for members to find, configure and purchase products. 

The user experience has been improved to take more advantage of desktop screen space to show more products, while still preserving the mobile and tablet experiences.

The new capabilities allow selling other product types through the store interface with custom DataSources. Contact your Customer Success representative for more information.

Lightning Store capabilities are limited to Merchandise products, while the New and Improved Lightning Store supports more product types; Membership, Merchandise, Events, Donation, Advertisement, Sponsorship, Exhibit, and Miscellaneous

Configuration: The Lightning Store requires the Product Grid LWC, while the New and Improved Lightning Store requires the Dynamic Grid LWC to be configured in Experience Cloud.

Benefits of the new Lightning Store

  • Better User Experience - Improved UX with a modern UI that allows associations to create the right purchase experience for their members.

  • Simpler, Quicker Configuration - Configuration is simple and easy using drag and drop with Salesforce Community Builder. Aligns Nimble AMS more closely with Salesforce to better leverage platform improvements going forwards.

  • Greater Flexibility - More flexibility, including support for other product types, filtering option and product variants. And it’s faster.

  • Dynamic Categorization - Create multiple levels of sub categories within categories for an appealing and easy to use lightning store.
  • Cross sell with Lightning Carousel - Cross selling of products brings in more profits and enhances visibility of all products.
  • Choice of Display Currency - The Currency Menu LWC enables you to select the Display Currency in which to view the product prices. 

Other Benefits

  • Support for other product types.
  • Product filtering option.
  • Support for product variants.
  • Uses the new Products API to provide Lightning Web Component data.
  • Works with Community Builder through the use of Lightning Web Components functionality.

*custom order item types require a small customization.

Associations and their members have an improved experience when working with the Lighting Store on Community Hub. Association staff and admin users can now define and set the destination behavior of the ‘Add to Cart' button for Products through staff view. The feature provides opportunities for Associations to offer product types other than Merchandise through the Lightning Store and control the next steps in the purchase process.

To get started today, request to be enrolled in a pilot through the "Enroll in a Pilot" section on our NimbleLand Pilots page.


Drag, Drop, and Adjust: A flexible Community Builder page provides you options on how you set up your Lightning Store.

  1. Product Grid Filter: Sorts products into available categories.
  2. Navigation: Navigate to different areas in your store.
  3. Search Bar: Search products and their variant in the store.
  4. Product Grid: Designed to display products that are available in your organization.
  5. Product Variant: Displays information about the different types of product available when selecting the product variant.


Please go through the Trailhead Learning for Community Builder (external) and read the Community Builder Overview (external) and Enablement Steps - Product Variants documentation before attempting to create a Lightning Store using the Product Grid and Product Details LWC components.

Other Documentation To Review

We recommend that you review the documentation for the new Lightning Web Component Library and Enablement Steps for Product Variants as necessary preparation before creating the store.

Improved Lightning Store

Enablement & Configuration for Lightning Store

LWC - Cross Sell Carousel

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